The Museum Of Ordinary Objects

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The Museum Of Ordinary Objects

We are prepping for the next round of MoOO. Maybe in your part of the city! …country! ….world!!! As someone said after the museum – “The Museum Of Ordinary Objects now exists. Amongst us. It can pop up anytime, anywhere!” In the meanwhile, scroll through the photo gallery below to look at pics from the first MoOO. Co-curated by Tram, Harkat & Extensions!

The Museum Of Ordinary Objects, Mumbai, India

CURATORIAL – raison d’etre!

Welcome to The Museum Of Ordinary Objects.

Why do we love objects so much…as to collect, build showcases for, carry from city to city, build careers out of and curate a museum around?

In the words of Christian Carrignon, the famous French Object Theatre artist, Objects are memory boxes.

A particular object can be a portal into a memory ~ like the trunk in the museum’s logo that may take me back to a childhood in a travelling theatre company; or someone else into the family history of her grandmother’s migration.

Objects can also become symbols of associations. A broken lock, a tangled piece of rope, an empty fish-bowl might have different meanings for each of us, but they all speak of human conditions.

Hence, objects can be deeply personal & profoundly universal.

Objects carry marks of their lives with you. A crack, a stain, an energy; which can never be erased. As objects change hands, a new memory gets written over the old one. This phenomenon of writing over an existing, but faded text, is called Palimpsest. The museum is curated around this incredible co-existence. If you choose to gift your object to another, you are indelibly connected to another through the shared object.

Ordinary Objects. In their quiet, unassuming, unexpected way speak of us, and our times.

This museum aims to evoke these personal & universal stories. So that we may look at objects differently; re-approach the perceptions of ordinary & special; And defy the market norms of premium & exclusive.