Alice in Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland


Bored and exhausted with their routine, fast-paced lives, four people decide to make a short getaway into a world of their own make-belief. Using Lewis Carroll’s novel as a base, the performers transform themselves and the objects around them into a world of pure fantasy and nonsense; to return in the end changed forever by imagination.

This play is our effort to take a flight of imagination, to re-understand our lives and our surroundings and look at everything anew through the eyes of infinite possibilities. And we present before you our explorations.

A deeply, hilarious comedy about discovering our own wonderlands!
Told with objects, puppets, shadows, music & actors.

Performed by: Rachel D’Souza / Choiti Ghosh, Rakhi Prasad, Suraj Tomer, Vikas Baid
Music: Ronkini Gupta
Songs written by: Ruma Ghosh, Ronkini Gupta, Rachel D’Souza
Lights: Sananda Mukhopadhyaya/Rahul Rai
Sets: Dhanendra Kawade
Production Assistance: Purva Bhatt
Stills & Videography: Abhisar Bose
Publicity & Design: Karan Talwar
Produced by: Ramani Singanallor
Concept & Direction by: Choiti Ghosh
Language: English, Hindi


Duration: 60 minutes

   Directed by:

Choiti Ghosh