Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear


If I were a car,
With the road as my love,
I'd travel far,
No journey long enough;
Uphill, downhill, through potholes and lanes,
Life passing by my racing panes.
Soon, however, my fuel runs out,
Scratches and dents, a gradual break down!
Another car would, then come,
To live my life, doing the things I'd once done,
This one replaced by another too,
Like, my dear, I am with you!

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of Man & The Vedic Varna Ashrams, we explore the journey of life through the journey of a very ordinary object seen and owned by all around us – a car. Through the roads it travels, the stops, starts, bumps and jams; we see that this is a very ordinary life journey; yours, mine or any life’s journey. It is special and dispensible at the same time. One amongst a million! Yet just enough to call it a life.

Life is a journey! Enjoy!
A devised visual theatre of Objects and Movement. In collaboration with FATS TheArts

Objecteurs / Movement Artists: Trimala Adhikari, Preeti Gupta/Choiti Ghosh, Vikas Baid, Rohit Mehra / Pratik Joshi
Lights: Rahul Rai / Nitin Bhardwaj
Research: Suraj Tomer
Concept & Direction: Choiti Ghosh & Faezeh Jalali
Sound Compilation: Prateek Joshi
Videography, still & publicity design: Abhisar Bose, Karan Talwar, Shawn Lewis
Language: Non-verbal. Little English & Hindi.


Duration: 70 minutes

   Directed by:

Choiti Ghosh